On the move!

Heeelloo everyone!

How should I start a blogpost telling you that there won´t be as many updates on my blog in the next weeks?

Alright guys, here´s the thing: As I have already mentioned a billion times on here, I will be moving to London soon. If you have ever moved houses/places/countries in your life, you will know that moving only means one thing: loads of stress, having to pack up basically your entire belongings, masses of clean-out sessions. While that´s what I have been basically doing ever since I got back from vacation last week, inbetween I have really really tried to pre-edit a couple of blogposts to schedule for when I won´t be having any internet access and my head will be cluttered with setting up my new place and getting to know my new neighbourhood. That stated, it becomes clear that my blog won´t be my #1 priority in the next weeks, which I really hope you guys will understand. I am so happy at how far I´ve managed to come with my blog so far, but I also think it will be good to take a little pause from blogging to clear my mind and help me become aware of where I want to go with my blog in the future.

So, that pretty much sums up everything I wanted to say with this post. Guys, I really hope you will bear with me when there won´t be as many updates in the next time, and that I will see/read/hear?? you all again in a couple weeks.

Until then,

Thanks for reading,

Mila XXX


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