Travel diary: Italy- At the sea

Hello everyone! Today´s post is going to be the second part to my travel diary about my vacation in Italy past week. While in the previous post, I focused myself on giving you a pretty detailed insight into the stays we had in cities such as Verona and Milan, this post is all about the more laid-back days we spend at the sea. After having explored Munich, Verona and Milan for the past 7 days or so, me and my friend decided to recline a bit and go to Genova, from where we could then travel to the beautiful area of Cinque Terre along the Italian coastline.

IMG_3623Starting off our “relaxing days” in Genova, we explored the city along with a couple of it´s main attractions a bit. We were both really surprised at how big Genova really is, and at how many things you can really do there. Before we got to Genova, I read in a sightseeing guide I found on the internet that you could spend weeks in Genova and still have loads of things to do; at the time I read it, I merely thought the person who wrote that was exaggerating, however when we got there it hit me just how right that person actually was.



One of the many many impressive domes in Genova..

IMG_3736_2Next off, we travelled to Santa Margherita from Genova in a bid to see beautiful Portofino, a place that me and my friend were both absolutely dying to see.



To be honest, me and my friend both loved Santa Margherita just as much as we loved Portofino. It´s a beautiful, extremely picturesque little town located right by the sea which boasts a stunning view onto the sea and a city centre which is just as incredible. I am not exaggerating, but every little nook you see there makes you want to take a picture of it!



IMG_3739 By ferry, we then arrived in Portofino. When you want to see Portofino, I can not recommend you enough to first go to Santa Margherita, and then take one of the countless ferries that run to Portofino.




Portofino itself is a veeery small town, only having about 500 inhabitants. That said, there´s only one main street in entire Portofino, which makes navigating through it (with a countless number of tourists) pretty hard.




Nonetheless, Portofino is such a picturesque city which looks simply breathtaking against the backdrop of lush, green trees growing on the steep hills of Cinque Terre.

From Portofino we made out way to a tiny beach in nearby Paraggi (a 15 minute walk).


Seeing that it had become pretty late already, we decided to catch our ferry back to Santa Margherita and bid a final farewell to the beautiful little town.



See you soon Cinque Terre, I will most definitely be back!!

Thanks for reading,

I hope you guys liked this post! X


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