Long time, no fancy friday. I know, I know, shame on me for introducing a new series and then kind of forgetting about it. #smart. But anyways, this week I am back with three items that have literally glammed up my past weeks so. much. I guess it´s the fact that they look pretty decent on me and are super wearable and multi-use (the eyeshadow: MAC´s sweet lust) and have been on my wishlist forever (the dress and shoes.)

The shoes were love at first sight when I saw them at a local ZARA right before I went on vacation with my friend; I have been wanting pointy lace-up flats for ages now and after always finding the ones I liked being sold out at Topshop, I was literally in heaven when I got these. As a bonus, they seem to make every outfit I own so much better/fancier, whether it´s a funky dress or a simple denim look. Aaah, I´m in love.

The dress, which is more of a longer tunic, was a steal at a tiny shop I went to in Portofino. In my opinion, it´s the perfect summer dress, as it´s light, suuuper airy; however, you can also wear this one in several ways, for example tugged over your shoulder (which I did in the summer), but I could also imagine wearing it regularly paired with a pair of thick boots in the fall/wintertime.

For the eyeshadow I can really say that this is one of the many proofs why you should love Mac products: It´s ridiculously small, yet contains a decent amount of colour, plus you can use it as both an eyeshadow and highlighter wherever you need it.

What were your fashion favourites this week? Thanks for reading along,

Mila X


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