Beautyfind: The best Bronzer for pale skin

All of you out there with pale-ish skin, like me, can probably 100% relate: You´re pale, which means that at times you´re bound to look like a ghost. So far, so good. Nonetheless, thanks to the magical power of bronzer, you hope to overcome this status by basically loading it up on your face. But hold ooon, here´s where the real issues just begin. Wearing a deep brown bronzer when you´re basically off-white? Let me tell you, it makes you look like a roasted chicken from KFC. That´s why it´s such a struggle for pale people to find a fitting bronzer that will literally just help you to bronze up your skin ever so slightly without making it look brown. Now here´s the thing: I have been through the above mentioned struggle for, well, a couple of years now, and that´s why I have succeeded in finding an absolutely trustworthy selection of bronzers that all my pale-skinned gals out there can wear, aka I´ve basically managed to save our lifes. You´re welcome.

IMG_4057The beauty I´m talking about is the Inglot Sculpting Powder in 505. After having heard Tati (Glamlifeguru) on YT rave this one, I couldn´t resist giving it a try, and woooow, it´s truly amazing.

First off, in the Sculpting Powder line there are about 7-ish shades which range from deep, super sunny browns containing hints of sparkles, to ultra matte, almost ashy hues.

As mentioned before, I went with number 5 of the range, which is a matte, lighter brown.



To the powder itself, I can say that it is very finely molen, thus feels veeery light on the skin, which results in the powder giving a decent and natural look. I also feel like no matter how much of this you will put on, it´s basically impossible to make this bronzer look streaky and heavy, giving you that over-bronzed, pretty unflattering look. Usually I´m a huge fan of bronzers that contain a biiit of sparkle, but seeing as this one ends up looking very dewy and natural, I have to say that I am super fond of a matte bronzer like that.

The powders come with a lightweight container which has a magnetized clip, which basically means that this won´t spill in your bag on various occasions. Wuuuuuuhu. Another plus that I want to mention at the end of this post is the pricepoint of these bronzers; they retail, depending on where you get them I guess, for around 8$, which gives them the exact same pricetag of an average drugstore bronzer.

Lastly, I also have some other options for bronzers if you´re looking for one that´s a bit more off the average colour-scale:

  • Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder- comes in 5 shades,which means that there´s most definitely a shade for everyone. Fine consistency, very similar to the Inglot Bronzing Powder.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Beauty – Les Terres Sahariennes- I believe that there´s 2 bronzer in the terre saharienne line, one (older one) with a powdery consistency, and one that just launched this summer and has a creamy consistency ( read my thoughts on it here). The latter comes in 6 shades and is also said to give just that natural, slightly bronzed look.

What are your guys favourite bronzers?

Thank you for reading,

X Mila


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