What´s the fuzz with september issues about?

If you´re too someone who keeps on track with new magazine publications every now and then, you will have noticed by now the stacks of attention-grabbing fall issues hitting stores everywhere, also known as the september issue. Having been popularized by US Vogue chef Anna Wintour in the homonymous movie, september issues of all kind from all around the world do surely make for a real visual treat. But besides that? What´s the fuzz with september issues really about?

September issues are by far the fattest, glossiest and also most expensive issues of a magazine within a year. This is not only due to the fact that seasons are changing,we+our wardrobes transition from spring/summer to fall/winter, thus being in need to know all about the upcoming season´s newest trends and publications, but also due to the run-up to the approaching christmas season. Not for nothing are september issues jam-packed with horrendous numbers of advertisements, sometimes taking up more space in the magazine than the actual articles itself.

Having such a high place value in particular in the fashion world, magazines therefore try to make their september issues as appealing as possible by putting the hottest, newest and most popular stars on their covers. For example, last year, US Vogue put a plethora of Insta-models on their cover, and the year before that it was girlcrush #1 Jennifer Lawrence who was named the september issue cover start. You can clearly see that magazines actively try to go all out with their september publications, striving to make the september issue the year´s most memorable (and best selling) one.


From top to bottom: US Vogue cover 2014, US Vogue cover 2013, UK Vogue cover 2014, Vanity Fair cover 2014

Now the question of course is whether or not I myself will be purchasing a september issue this year. To be honest with you guys, I have been really tempted to purchase the UK Vogue edition; partly because I would love to read the interview with Emma Watson and partly because the other headlines do sound pretty interesting. Besides that, Vanity Fair, UK Vogue and US Vogue also seem to have done a pretty good job this year… Nonetheless, not being willing to spend 7+ $ on a magazine which is made up from advertisements about 50%, I will pass on actually buying these.

What about you guys? What do you think about september issues?

X Mila


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