Travel diary: Italy- Cities

As already mentioned in my previous blogpost, me and a good friend of mine spend the past 10 days travelling through Italy. We started off our journey in Munich, from where we then went to Verona, Milan, Genova and Portofino. That said, I decided to put together a small travel diary, showing you the beautiful places I´ve explored in Italy.

Firstly, I will show you everything about the cities we´ve visited that are located land inwards – thus breathtaking

Verona and Milan




We arrived in Verona by train in the evening (just 5 hours from out previous stop Munich) and first thing went to Piazza Bra, Verona´s main square. Here, we were greeted by humongous statues that were in use for the annual opera festival in Verona.



Generally speaking, Verona is a typically constructed italian city, that however really intrigued me as it by fact that despite  actually being pretty small -it only has about 200.000 inhabitants- it however contains a huge number of tourist attractions, as well as tiny little nooks worth exploring, which, in short, means that despite it´s size, this doesn´t mean that you can´t spend days of days doing discovering new things while there.




Other things on out to-see lost were Piazza della Erbe, another of Verona´s beautiful squares, as well as Ponte Scaliero and Juliet´s ridiculously overcrowded house with it´s whimsical balcony.

The next stop on our travel was Milan– and let me tell you, out of all the cities I´ve ever been to, Milan is the one I by far liked the most. To me it was a mixture of the typical italian flair, combined with the impressing buildings (which are all surprisingly in a very good condition) that made Milan that special and intriguing to me. in fact,  Milan reminded me a lot of Paris, especially when looking at the beautiful gardens at Castello Sforza (who was one of Italy´s leading dukes back in the 15th century.) This unique mixture of beautifully preserved buildings, paired with the irresistible italian flair really made Milan a city to me, that I find myself dreaming about every. single. day.


World famous Duomo in Milan



Galeria Vittorio Emmanuele, outside and inside



Inside the Duomo




Exploring Milan´s fashionale sites..


As well as the more culinaric ones..


Milan´s Navigli District, which is often referred to as Milan´s own Venice



And lastly, we visited the newly-opened Armani museum in Milan, which boasts a huge collection of Mr. Armani´s most renouned work. Inside, there were barely any tourists, which meant that we basically had the museum to ourselves (and to the numerous bodyguards which were literally observing every step we took…)

So, I guess that´s it for my travel diary about Verona and Milan!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this insight into my this year´s vacation! Thanks for reading along,

Mila X


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