Life Update: What I´ve been up to lately

First off: I´m back.

As you may have (or may have not) noticed, I have been on vacation for the past ten days. To be precise, I have been travelling from Germany to Italy with my friend by train, exploring beautiful cities such as Milan and Portofino on the way. That said, after loads of pre-scheduled posts I will now be back with freshly made ones, among that a travel diary on my vacation (which I am daydreaming of all.the.time.)




Also, while we´re at it, thank you guys so much for sticking with me through this. I have a couple of exciting blog posts coming up that following week and I really hope you guys are gonna love them as much as I do! On a side note, as we´re alredy rambling, I am in the middle of preparing to move to London next week. That said, everything around me is a. complete. chaos. I´m basically trying to shove all my belongings into 2 somewhat humungous suitcases (as you can imagine, I´m failing miserably at doing that, wow, what a surprise, I know.) Nonetheless, I am excited like nobody´s buiseness to be making the big move next week, and will make sure to share the entire making-a-move experience with you guys.

I guess that´s all I have to say for right now? Thank you guys again for reading along,

x Mila


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