Ahh, it´s #WCW time. And let me tell you, this #WCW is one I´ve been literally aching to put up ever since I started my blog. All because this time, we´re gonna take a closer look at the walking perfection that is Sienna Miller.

I´m not like a hardcore Sienna fan, but ever since I first saw her in a magazine a couple of years back, everything she´s been doing has been really intriguing me. From her movies to her award-winning style, Sienna simply rocks. I think that the thing that fascinates me the most about the 33 year old british actress is her free-spirited attitude she exudes wherever she goes. Probably that just is because her personality seems to be the exact opposite of mine, which is rather hyperactive and stressed out 24/7. To me, Sienna always seems at ease with who she is; a driven, motivated and enthusiastic women who has found her place on earth. This vibe is also completely reflected in her style, who ever since she became a mother in 2012, has become more sleek and classy and less boho-y. Nonetheless, Sienna always manages to incorporate her hippie-esque vibes into her style, making for a very self-expressive combination that has even made it onto Vanity Fair´s best dressed list in 2015.

Below, find a selection of my favourite Sienna looks.


What do you guys think of Sienna?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post,

as always, thanks for reading!

x Mila


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