How to get organized like a pro

You all know that point of the year where you, basically two weeks after having promised to yourself to get organised and get on top of your schedule, find yourself drowning in responsibilities+due dates+ papers. Sadly you realize that even your newly purchased agenda couln´t help you to sort your obligations and duties out.

Let me tell you, I have been there like a million times and from my, let´s call it “experience” I have learned that there´s nothing, literally NOTHING a good to-do list can´t fix. So instead of having yet another crying fit, grab your agenda+list and learn from an organisation-obsessed person. You´re welcome.

1.Plan ahead

There´s no way of getting more organized without starting to plan, and furthermore think ahead of things. When agonizing about tommorow´s paper sheet you need to hand it, try to make up your mind what you will be up to after said paper sheet. This way, you will be less likely to firstly completely chill out after having ticked off your first commitment (WUHU), just to find yourself stressed out a couple of days later when you realize that there´s even more obligations you need to fulfill.

2. Work ahead

This comes hand in hand with the first point I mentioned; by simply working ahead of your time, and for example finishing a liabilty before it´s due date, your hands will be free once the due date has arrived and you will be greeted with another load of work. The point is to try to schedule your time in the most efficient way possible to avoid those crying fit- times when you´re completely stressed out to the max, having to fulfill a billion duties at once.

3. Learn to prioritize

When you have a billion things on your mind that you need to do, it is literally normal that you will feel like you can´t accomplish even one of them. That´s why I always try to reconsider everything I have to do, and find out what I need to get done/hand in the fastest. Everything that I need to complete the week after that, will be only done once the “first” commitments have been sorted out. By prioritizing certain responsibilities, you will easily get on top of your liabilities, plus, you will get a plan of all the things you need to do as a whole.

4. Write to-do lists

In my life I have learned one thing: There´s nothing a to-do list can´t fix. Feeling stressed out? Just write it all down and see what you´re up to in the first place. Once you´ve done that, you can easily prioritize certain obligations on that list, and basically make yourself a plan for the next hours/days/weeks when you will do certain things. This “technique” has helped me so much in the past as it gives me the feeling that yes, I know what I have to do, and I will also figure out when to find the time to do it.


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