#Fancyfriday: Real News

The beauty and fashion world can get a bit confusing, not to say overwhelming at times. Once you think you are on top of everything and have succeeded in decrypting all new trends and fashion movements, there´s a new one already ahead of you. But don´t worry guys, that´s what you have me for:I have wrapped up a couple of the most current und burning news from the beauty and fashion industry from the past few weeks, all neatly fit in this little post.

IMG_28921. The beginning is gonna make the headline that stroked me personally the most this week: the return of YSL to Haute Couture. After monsieur Yves Saint Laurent himself held the fashion house´s last couture show in 2007 after resigning from heading the renouned fashion empire, current chef-designer extraordinaire now announced that he will bring back haute couture to YSL. Choosing a rather unusual way of not holding any fashion shows and selling the dresses to selected people only, the mere thought of seeing Saint Laurent à la Hedi Slimane in a haute couture version made my heart skip a beat. I have literally never looked forward so much to award season like I do now. 


∼ the two pictures show Hedi Slimane´s first designs for YSL haute couture∼

IMG_28872.  Yet another makeup trend everyone´s talking about: Strobing. As the pretty picture to the left describes nicely, strobing is basically your regular contour-highlight routine just minus the contouring. Tbh, I don´t really get what the hype about applying just highlighter is (haven´t we all done that at one point ?), but now that so many people are talking about it, I have discovered some great new highlighters, which is fine for me.

IMG_28943. Rosie has done it again: She has designed yet another collection for Paige Denim. Besides some good denim (duh), the collection also features a vide selection of coats, tanktops, blouses and shoes. All in all it´s a great reflection of Rosie´s distinctive, off-duty model style, with the only drawback for me being the pricetag (sad me.)


IMG_28864. After having decorated many Instagram pictures with his extraorbitantly expensive nailpolishes with the extravagant packaging, Mr. Loubotin has now come out with a new line of lipsticks. Pricetag: 90$. Yep. I don´t know about you, but for me they are just some lipsticks in a hella great packaging. That said, no, I´m not gonna be spending 90$ on a lipstick, but if you would like to give me one, you would be very welcome.

IMG_2888 IMG_2889IMG_2890

5. And lastly: We´re getting close to September, which only means one thing: It´s September issue time. With US Vogue yet having to publish their cover for September 2015 (will be shown on August 14th), we yet have a selection of the world´s collest girls gracing the world´s most fashionable magazines. My personal favourite so far are the three shown above, but Gigi Hadid for WMagazine also seems well worth taking a look at.

That about rounds up my fancy news flash for you guys. What is your favourite “headline”?

x Mila


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