#Fancyfriday – Meet Mr.B

Alright guys, really embarrassing story ahead: I woke up this morning with my first thought literally being “Okay, it´s sunny outside so why not do an outfit post today”. To be honest, having discovered heaps of new blogs online (Thank god for Bloglovin! What an invention! World-changing!) and realizing that these bloggers all 1. update pretty much daily, and 2. make me look like a homeless person with my extraordinary style it hit me out of nowhere that I need to, no, I have to do more outfit posts. But anyways, I´m drifting away, back to the story: Unfortunately nobody told little Mila that it´s pretty hot “outside”, with temperatures being around 35 degrees. Jep, and there went my plan with putting up a fancy-shmancy outfit post for today. BUT, after having waited all day for temperatures to cool down a bit, I took my brother this evening and managed to get him into tacking pictures of my outfit-for-boiling-days with my SUPER adorable pups, Mr.B.

Obviously, each play date with Mr.B starts with me jumping around, clapping my hands like an idiot in a bid to get Mr.B to lift his butt of the ground and get moving.

IMG_2763 IMG_2761

Once this has worked out, we´re down for some real BFF talk with a sideline of posing.



Mr. B has been our dog for almost 8 years now, making him quite the oldie for a dogs age. Nonetheless, he is still very active and by far the most adorable dog I have EVER met, I mean, just look at his absolutely adorable face, IT MELTS MY HEART.


Outfit details:

Top- Abercrombie&Fitch

Shorts- ZARA

Shoes- Converse

Bag- My grandma´s

Necklace- Topshop


Mr. B must have said something really hilarious in that one, judging by my extraorbitant laughter.


But every playdate/ultra professional photoshooting, comes to an end eventually, leaving me all alone on the cold hard ground.


Thanks god for chilled down temperatures in the evening, only that way I can convince myself to take outfit pictures like a pro.

How are you guys surviving in this heat?

Thanks so much for reading along!

Have a great weekend,



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