IMG_2553_2Let´s be real here: I can´t tell you exactly why, but for some reason I love these #WCW posts that have been circulating the web lately. Maybe it´s because I love gaping at stylish women, wondering why my hair isn´t that flawless and my make-up so blended? Whatever it is, it was certainly enough to convince myself to share the woman that currently, let´s call it,  inspire me, each wednesday with you here on the blog.

The start is going to make someone that´s pretty new on my radar: Suki Waterhouse. Ever since I saw her starring in the beaaautifully cheesy love story Love, Rosie beside Lily Collins and Mr. Attractive Sam Claflin, looking every inch like her supermodel character, I have stalked masses of pictures of Suki looking ever so off-duty glamorous. (Tip to watch: Vogue UK´s feature on Suki´s closet.)

Since then, it´s been playing “How does she trim her eyebrows?”, “Why is her hair so voluminous?”, “Seems like working out everyday and eating vegan does really pay off somehow…” all day everyday in my mind. Bonus: Being a part of Taylor Swifts gansta-clique doesn´t hurt either. All in all, I think Suki seems to have such a great aura around her, carrying herself with SO much class it almost hurts. Moving on sans Bradley hasn´t hurt her either, as her career, as well as her social life with bff Cara seems to be blossoming on and on.

PS: How cute is the name Suki itself?! I mean her parents must be genius.

x Mila


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