Save or Splurge?

The really witty ones among you may have already noticed that I pretty much obsess about everything make-up related. My favourite part of applying make-up would have to be using bronzer, blush and highlighter. To me, these make the most impact on your face and can make you go from glum to (somewhat) glam in a whooosh. No surprise there, but having to face the bitter reality that my beloved NARS laguna bronzer is empty (cry) and that therefore I need to get myself a new bronzer asap (happy), I consulted by BFF, the internet, to find out what the bronzing world has to offer for me.

The results of this detailed study are the following:


One the one hand, there is the Bourjois bronzing powder, a matte bronzer from the drugstore that seems to save the deal for jst about 8pounds/11€.  I have been keen to try this one out for a while now, as I have repeatedly heard people about how great this is.


And theeen, on the other hand, we have an fancy alternative from YSL. There are two bronzers from the YSL line that have really caught my eye: Firstly, the “regular” YSL Terre Saharienne bronzing powder. It comes in 3 shades (I always love if there are shades for bronzers), and promises to give a luminous, glowy and sun-kissed finish on the skin. But then there´s also the new Les Sahariennes powder blur skin perfector (not pictured.) This baby comes in a gel-like formula that is meant to work on a balm-to-powder basis, giving an ultra-matte finish for both bronzing and contouring your complexion. Can you hear me drool while I´m writing this?

Bottom line for right no is that I am planning on storming into Sephora to check the YSL powder blur skin out; if I like it, and if it will work on my super oily skin, I am SO purchasing that one, if not, the Bourjois bronzer will make the cut.


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