The Sunday Post- #Milatalks: What´s all of this really worth?

When Emma Watson delivered a heartwrenching speech on female stereotypes and the prejudice against feminsm in our society in general, she announced the start of a new feminst campaign called “He For She”, paved the foundation for a wave of great repercussions in response to her words, and most importantly, managed to actively appeal to people with what she said, making a large group of people rethink the current position of women in our society.

Now, looking at images of people drowning in overcrowded boats at the coast of the Mediterrean, people being forcefully chased from their homes because of the recent terrorist attacks, local stagnating economies in various european countries leading to what seem to be  international conflicts with far-fetching consequences, I truly wonder what has to happen to shake people up to make them rethink about those events.

Talking about anything else than beauty-,fashion and travel-related things on a blog that calls itself a “lifestyle blog” is a matter that seems to be almost too difficult to carry out. But are all these things we hear about on the radio, read in newspapers and see on TV not a part of what we call “lifestyle”? I think it´s unjustifiable to bluntly ignore what´s happening in the real world just in order to maintain a clean and fresh instagram profile, that´s even colour-coordinated just to gain a few followers more. Focusing your entire life around how to arrange your instagram pictures and about how to tilt your head in the next selfie you´re gonna upload is not what an entire life is about. Sure, I too love looking at asthetically arranged pictures, but is that really what we should be concerned with all day?

At this point, I want to adress Emma Watson one more time; she is a renouned actress and a trendsetter, whose images can be found on pretty instagram profiles just as often as the mentioned arranged pictures. However, what makes Emma truly stand out not only as a person, as a character and as a human being, but also as a obsessed-over fashion icon is the fact that she is actively paying attention to current global events and is willing to use her own voice to point those out in order to make people rethink, or to start off, just think. That does not lessen the glamour the exudes on the red carpet, not the grace she carries herself with, but it certainly does make her person worth looking up to.

I guess the point I like to make is that at times, it´s well worth to step out of little world and look beyond what´s right in front of you. Of course, doing this you will not be encountered with asthetically pleasing pictures, but I´m sure you will be able to rethink, think and gain a lot of inside about what matters to you personally.

x Mila


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