With Lily in Krakow

Being half-polish, I have spend every summer since I can remember at my grandma´s house in Poland, chasing around the huge garden with my brother, exploring the neighboring fields with my cousins and being serenaded by my grandmother. This said, my aquaintance with every other place in Poland beside my grandmas small village (and the adjoining two bigger villages here) is pretty much non-existent. That´s why I was so happy to visit Krakow for a couple of days this week with my mother as well as with my aunt, who made sure to show us all secret little nucks worth visiting here in town.


 We started off our excursion by stopping by at this picturesque little place which is located a couple of minutes away from the main marketplace. Here, various painters present (and paint) their artwork, using the neighboring wall as a venue. I always visit this place when I´m in Krakow, as I literally can´t stop looking at these pictures; they are all sp colourful and portray the most beautiful, clichee polish landscapes.


     With a last look at the beautiful scenery we wandered on to the marketplace in Krakow, along with it´s stunning cloth hall.


The cloth hall in Krakow was build late in the 16th century, and first gained popularity being a major trading place for cloths in Europe. Today, it´s one of the most remarkable pieces of renaissance architecture in Europe, and one of the most popular sights in Krakow.

Of course, a day in my beloved town of Krakow called for a super fancey-shmancey outfit that certainly made me stand out in the hordes of overtired-looking, most definitely very hangry tourists (glorious experience, let me tell ya.)


Naturally, I had to take my beloved new (or rather new-ish?) Mulberry Lily bag with me. And no, it was not only for vain reasons, NOOO, this bag really proved itself to be a good choice for a long day of walking around town (read: me taking pictures of everything I see while all others wait for me being more than annoyed.); it´s small and compact, yet large enough to fit your wallet, phone, ID, a gum or two, etc. in it.





Shoes- H&M


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading!

x Mila


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