3 minute make-up face

Hello everyone!

 I originally wanted to call this post “my daily make-up routine”, but then it hit me literally out of nowhere that a make-up routine consisting out of 4 products would clearly arise suspition what a lazy person I am when it comes to make-up (or at least in the summertime; in the wintertime I just slap it all on.) Thats why I today proudly present you what I call my slightly slothful make-up routine that will literally take you no longer than 2 to 3 minutes, I promise, and, as a bonus (WUHU, COME ON.) contains all of my favourite make-up products of the moment. Enjoy.


What you can see on the picture besides a glorious issue of Harpers Bazaar and a pink rose from left to right:

1. Eyelash curler- obligatory for a person with stubborn straight lashes like moi; sometimes I prefer it using an hairdryer, which is my #1 tip for making your curled lashes stay in their position.

2. L´oreal eyebrow gel in light and Catrice eyebrow wand– Firstly, I brush through my eyebrows using the wand, then I simply set them into place, and fill them it at spots where my eyebrows don´t really grow fully for which reason whatsoever.

3.Maybelline Fit me concealer and beauty blender- In the short time I´ve had my blog I have managed to ramble a pretty pathetic amount about this concealer; I apply it using the beauty blender which literally gives the most flawless finish EVER.

4. Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara and Lancome doll eyes mascara-my favourite mascara combo of all time. I first use the Lancome mascara to coat my lashes and then I “push” them up using the curled wand of the Dior mascara and it´s perfection.

5. Clinique dramatically different moisturitzer– I snagged this one up at a sale and am pretty satisfied with it, primarily due to it´s super lightweight and soft texture and the fact that it sinks into the skin unbelievably quickly.



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