Hot summer days

Hello everyone!

When you ask me, there´s only one accurate way to spend hot summer days: lounging in the sun, lying somewhere close to a pool/ocean/river with a cooled drink in your hand, working on your tan. Granted, doing this you want to be wearing something cool, light and airy that won´t  make you sweat even more and will keep you somewhat chilled, even in spite of the hot temperatures.

When I was thinking about putting together a blog post showing you such an outfit, I was SO tempted to just present you another one of my countless summer dresses; then, I however thought that maybe there are people out there (anyone?) who actually like to actively do something in the summertime, which is why I put together this look containing my favourite/most comfortable shorts ever in combination with my trusted, somewhat high-necked top that makes me feel “oh-so incredibly cool.” 

Foto am 19.07.15 um 12.57 #3

Outfit details:


Shorts- ZARA


Sunglasses-FOREVER 21 (I THINK?)

Foto am 19.07.15 um 12.58

You guys, this top is the best thing if you (like me) have a looong torso in combination with broad shoulders; I have no idea how, but this top manages to make your shoulders appear way slimmer than they actually are, which is such a win.

Foto am 19.07.15 um 12.56 #4

Also, do you see the back of the top? Pretty sneaky cut-out, huh?

Foto am 19.07.15 um 12.57 #2

Seeing that you guys liked my previous outfit posts, I really hope you also enjoyed this one!

Have a good start to the week everyone!

x Mila


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