What I pack- for summer vacation (Make-up)


Summer is (finally) in full mode, and that my friends, only means one thing: vacation time! With myself being on visit at my grandma´s place in Poland and looking forward to my upcoming vacation in Italy next month I thought this would be a good time to talk about the dreaded task of packing. I mean, it´s unfair right? Not only that there´s so much stress involved with traveling itself,  no, you´re also forced to bundle up all your belongings, necessities and furthermore your make-up into a small bag, ready to be shoved into your car, a train or an airplane. Gawd, life´s really hard.

That said, to ease all of the stress we´re probably all facing at the present time, I thought I would wrap up a lil´packing guide and show you what I ( ho-ho, listen up´, the packing-pro is on a mission!) pack make-up wise if I´m traveling somewhere.

TIP 1:

As easy as it sounds, the first tip I can give you is to literally go through your daily make-up routine and simply pack up the products you´re currently using. For me that involves the basics, such as moisturizer (obvs packing two, cause you know, traveling light and all that jazz..) concealer, eyebrow-gel, two mascaras, an eyelash curler  blush and highlighter.

TIP 2:

Now that you´ve mastered the basics, try to go a little bit further: include the stuff you might need at special events. I´m talking everything you might need at night-outs, inpromptu nights-in etc. For me, this also involves sunscreen, sanitiser, brushes I might need for special occasions, cotton rounds, a second nailpolish option (real emergency right there) and whatever else you might want to take with you.

TIP 3:

The most obvious one, yet the most important one: Try to stay rational. Ask yourself: Do I really need to take five blushes with me if all I´m gonna do is lie on the beach all day? NO. So leave them at home then, one is enough. I can´t tell you how often I literally packed my entire make-up collection and/or my entire wardrobe thinking that yes, of course, I would be changing my outfits three times as day like Carrie, and then ended up wearing the same pair of shorts and T-shirt for the entire stay. I tell you, don´t dissappoint me on this one and stay rational.

What are your secret tips for packing?

Thank you so much for reading!

x Mila


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