Make-up favourite: Highlighter


When you open up the dictionary and search for the term “oily”, it is quite likely you will find a picture of my face right beside the definition of the word itself. Joke aside, but I´m dead serious; my skin is literally so greasy and the exact opposite of  “matte,  it´s hard to believe. That´s why is completely excluded highlighters from my make-up routine for years and years and years, because I mean, come on, when your skin is super oily already the last thing you would want to do is to add even more shine to your, let´s call it, “natural luminosity”.

Well, let me tell you, all that was so true until I came across Soft&Gentle by MAC, aka the one and only highlighter I trust in the whole wide world. Now I can´t go a day without slapping a bit of this glorious peachy golden hue on my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and basically on my entire eyelid. As cheesy as it sounds, it somehow pulls my entire make-up together and really does give my face a decent glow without turning it into an oilfield.



As the name suggests, the highlighter has a very soft shade to it, meaning that it is also very buildable. Not only do I thus use it to highlight the inner corner of my eye, but I also apply it generously over my entire eyelid as a kind of eyeshadow. As mentioned, only taking a teeny tiny bit of colour will give you a beautiful shimmery highlight that is unlike any other highlight I´ve eber tested.



Soft&Gentle retails for 24 pounds/32 dollar and it is worth every penny, so if you´re looking for a decent highlighter that is going to enhance your inner glowy goddess like no other, BUY. THIS. Also, it lasts forever; I got mine about 1,5 years ago and you can clearly see in the pictures that you can´t even see any signs of usage in the product (which is pretty cray-cray considering the fact I use this literally every single day.)

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost!

Thanks for reading along,

x Mila


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