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Hello everyone!

I do it, you do it, we all do it: Looking at/creeping at/stalking at blogs of all kind. There´s a thousand of blogs out in the blogging sphere, which may be, tbh, a biiit overwhelming somethimes. Nonetheless, inspired by Vivianna does make-up´s round-up of her favourite blogs, I decided to do a similar post myself where I am going to guide you through my favourites in the blogging world.


Firstly, the blogs everyone knows/reads:

The Londoner- Rosie has been the first blogger I´ve ever read and when looking for inspiration for my personal blog, I always find myself drawn towards hers. Full of beautiful pictures her blog is absolutely unique and so visiting. Plus, her outfits are eeverythang and she fills her posts with cute and bubbly anecdotes and small jokes. Such a girl crush, gawd.

Gal meets Glam- Another huge blogging name; mainly centered around the most stunning outfit pictures taken by Julia´s photographer husband, as well as picturesque travel diaries and recommendations from Julia´s hometown, SF.

Vivianna does Make-up and Lily Pebbles- Absolute blogging inspiration on both sides here. Not enough that they both have youtube channels that are well worth to binge-watch, no, the two friends also have two beautiful blogs that cover mainly make-up and beauty-related topics, while also throwing in a little lifestyle here and there.

Now on to my personal, maybe not that obvious favourites:

Essie Button- I first discovered Estee´s youtube channel before realizing that she actually had a blog (what? really? another amazing blog to creep on? Hell yeah.) which is just as amazing as her videos. The thing I love the most about Estee is that she a) has pretty high standards when it comes to make-up, meaning that is she likes something, it really is worth the hype and b) her slightly cynical language, which makes her blog SO entertaining to read.

Hello Gemma- Okay, this one´s pretty obvious as well, but having said that I just recently discovered this blog (shame on me), I thought I would include it into my personal favourites. Gemma´s blog is absolute goals when it comes to the layout: clean, fresh ´n´white with gorgeous large pictures and eloquently written comments. Also a youtuber, she covers everything from fitness, beauty, hair and make-up tp travels and whatever else you could possibly image in the classiest way possible.

Sophie´s make-up- I literally discovered this blog only a couple of days ago but am already more than obsessed. Beautiful pictures (of the most beautiful make-up), but more than that, amazing, truly in-depth reviews on make-up products and great recommendations that make my wallet ache so much.

The Everygirl- Now this is what I call wooow. The Everygirl is a Chicago-based internet platform aimed at woman, founded by two woman who really know how to create a successful blog/platform. The Everygirl´s coverage goes far beyond beauty and lifestyle; here, burning political issues as well as financial tips are discussed on a daily basis. Great guest editors create amazing content, making the Everygirl my daily news platform I check out every morning.

The Daily Dose- Like The Everygirl also a platform-ish blog, which does however focus mainly on lifestyle, beauty and such. The posts are written in German as well as English, and cover everything from decor-tips, to make-up recommendations, to yummy and easy recipes, to outfit posts, to travel diaries, to…. you see, the list goes on and on. Founded by two young German-speaking girls (who, btw, themselves have two great blogs worth giving a look: and only a couple of years ago, the Daily Dose is an easy and quick way to get yourself your inspiration of the day.

What are your favourite blogs put there? Any new recommendations for me?

As always, thanks for reading!




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