Summer haulin´

Hello everyone!

I am really not a big fan of sales; I mean, I do really love the rewarding feeling of snagging up a juicy deal, but the build-up to that? Sweaty people rubbing against one another in overheated stores and pushing each other out of way in order to dig through that humongous pile of reduced clothes? Nah, definitely not for me.

nonetheless, last week I did the impossible and braved the overfilled stores at sale-season. I already showed you my favourite item amongst my conquests, the beaaaautiful blue dress Miranda Kerr happens to own as well. That said, here´s the rest of the stuff I managed to captures, which is why I decided to put up this haul-inspired post.


First off we have a pair of plain denim shorts from Zara. Spectacular, I know, but I really needed some new ones as I do own a couple of coloured ripped ones, but do not fit into my regular ones anymore (oops.)

The dusty rose top is from Topshop ( I got it for 7$ I think haha? Deals like that just make me happy, you know.), just like the necklace. The majority of my tops is either black or white, which is why this top is clearly such an extravagant piece for me.


Next off, a jumpsuit. I repeat, a jumpsuit. You must know, when jumpsuits first became a trend a couple of years ago, I somehow absolutely hated them. Having however seen so many beautiful girls wearing the world´s most amazing jumpsuits, I decided to give them a try as well. Bonus, this one was half price off, making it a savvy deal at 7$ (from H&M).


Here we have mentioned jumpsuit with my new-ish bikini from Seafolly Australia that I thought I would include as well as I also got it in the sale and since it has been my favourite bikini ever (literally though, this stuff is worth it´s money.) since I got it. I did a blog post on this bikini a while ago, make sure to check it out if you´re interested.


And lastly, ta-ta-ta-daaaa, my beloved dress (<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ <3) and left to that, another beautiful dress I also snagged up at H&M recently; what absolutely amazes me about the left dress (not the blue one) is a) it´s flowery, yet black-ish pattern and b) it is off the shoulder; which is probably my favourite thing to wear as I think that it is SO flattering on people with broad shoulders like me. Big liike.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post; thanks for reading !!




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