London calling..!

London calling..!

As I may, or may have not mentioned on this blog before, I am going to be moving to London in barely 2 months?! Whaaat?! Alone the thought about living in this beautiful city, that took my breath away when I went there last year, is unbelievably exciting! Being the overly excited person I am, I of course already started packing up my stuff, writing to-do lists for London, and checking out local gyms, parks, caffees and galleries online, just to make sure, that you know, I don´t miss to see anything worth checking out in London.

IMG_4673 IMG_4680

 Now, knowing that some of you live in/have been to London before, I wanted to ask you guys if you

1. have any tips for living in London?

2. have any burning recommendations for whatever I should see when in London?




As always, thank you so much for reading and I can´t wait to read your advise!

Have a great weekend!

x, Mila


4 thoughts on “London calling..!

  1. Great that you’re moving to London! Do you start working there? My tips in London, apart from the obvious things to see (which you can find in all tourist guides), are the following three art galleries:

    – The Wallace Collection
    – The Courtauld Gallery
    – The V&A Museum. You should definitely go to its cafe as well and have scones (with cream) there too. They were probably the best scones I’ve ever had and the interior is gorgeous too.

    The first two are lesser known galleries but absolutely stunning!

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you enjoy it 🙂

    Bold Bliss


    1. I´m going there for an internship, so yes 🙂 And wow, thank you SO much for the tips!! These sound absolutely great, I will definitely visit them once I´m there! Thanks again!
      x Mila


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