Get glowing!

Hello everyone!

If someone ever asks me what kind of girl I am the answer is always the same: Straight-down girly girl. Like one hundred percent. While this doesn´t mean I wear pink all the time (in fact, my wardrobe consists mainly of monotone coloured things, except for patterned blazers and summery dresses..) I find myself attracted/addicted to glittery makeup. Whether it´s highlighter, a shimmery lipgloss,  blush or a simple highlighting concealer, I am so down for it. And just because it´s summertime aka the tine of the year where anything shimmery slapped on your face clearly looks the best, I wanted to share the make-up products with you that will help you enhance your inner glowing goddess. Wow, I should really start writing commercials or something.. 



All of the products in the pictures are staples for me in my make-up collection; some of them I use literally every single day, while others are those products that you just whip out to apply on a special night.



From left to right:

That gal illuminating primer by benefit- Oh ma gaaawd, this has literally replaced my foundation in the summertime. It has a very light, pink-ish shade and when applied, it provides you with the best rosy and healthy-looking glow you could ever imagine.

Dior Lip maximiser by DiorTried and trusted, I already talked about this in a recent blogpost; I don´t own many lipglosses as I hate it when you apply them carefully and then all of the sudden it gets windy outside and the wind slaps your hair straight into your liploss. Great. This one however is worth the struggle and I absolutely love it as it contains small particles of shimmer that make your lips appear all moistured, glam and somehow larger?

High beam by benefit- This is such a hyped product, but in my opinion it lives up to the hype and really does what it promises. I would describe it as silver-y and rosy, very decent highlighter.



Now on to the highlighting products that all have a golden hint to them:

Nars Orgasm Blusher

Clarins Highlighting Pen

– I already talked about these two in a recent post (Current makeup favourites), but I will say again that the Clarins pen is such a decent yet highlighting concealer. I can´t really say anything about the Nars Orgasm blush other than (If you guys want me to do an in-depth review on this tell me in the comments below.)

MAC Soft and Gentle Highlighter- By far the favourite make-up product I own. Hands down the most flattering, versatile and beautifully glown-enhancing highlighter I have ever layed hands on. I will do an in-depth review on this one in the coming weeks, because gaawd there´s just so much to rave about.


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