Caring convo: Part 1

Hello everyone!

 Without wanting to ramble around too much before I start talking about today´s post actual topic, I quickly want to issue a matter that is kind of important to me: Firstly, let me start off by saying that the response I have received in the past few days on my recent blog posts has been absolutely overwhelming. I love reading you guys comments and I appreciate every single one of them, I really do. Still, seeing that more and more people actually read my blog I have been thinking about the content I want to share with you guys here. Obviously, I love things such as fashion and make-up, but I think that there is so much more to talk about here than that. With that in mind, I have tought about starting this new series here on my blog, which I am going to call „Caring convo“ for now (Do you have any better ideas? Anyone?!) here, I simply want to approach and discuss topics that matter to me, bother me and that I strongly care about. Wuhu, enough rambled, so let´s get started with the first topic I am going to talk about, which is peer pressure, therefore social pressure exerted by your friends and peers on you. The reason I have decided to speak about this is as simple as it can be: Recently, I have found myself in situations repeatedly where I just felt SO uncomfortable being put under stress, tension and strain by companions. I´m sure you have, too, experienced situations like that. To be precise, I have been feeling like every time I decide to go out with my friends in the evening, they expect me to get drunk/be super loud+noisy. I mean, don´t get me wrong, firstly I really love going out in the evening, and having a drink/or two; secondly, I have a loud character, so you will never find me sitting in a corner by myself and not saying anything. What really bothers me however, is if I am pushed into going out in the first place when I don´t want to in order to prove that I am „cool“ or, if I go out then, am commended to drink a certain amount of beverages, and if I refuse to do so, am then called a pussy.. etc. As I mentioned, I am a person that likes to go out and have fun, but if that is equalled with drinking just to please certain people the fun kind of ends for me. Now I really don´t want to come off as some kind of obnoxious pain-in-the-a**, but in my opinion I should be given the right to choose whenever, what and how much I want to drink, especially when being among the people I call my friends. I do want to add that I can deal with situations like that much better now that I am getting older, but come on, I don´t want to image what happens to insecure and shaky teens who are put in situations like that…

What are your opinions on that topic? Have you ever experienced some kind of peer pressure?

Thank you so much for reading!




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