Outfit: the Miranda Kerr dress

Hello everyone!

After the amazing feedback from you guys on my last outfit post (thank you so so much!!) I have decided to do such posts more often here on my blog. Clearly, this outfit is a far cry from the perfectly polished and colour-coordinated look I previously posted, but I think that calling myself a lifestyle blog means that I should include those regular, casual and down-to-earth outfits as well. The heat wave that hit Europe badly this past week and had temperatures rising into seriously kinky spheres was literally calling for easy breezy dresses to throw over a bikini on your way out of the door straight to the beach. This outfit was/is one of my favourites in this boiling heat. Bonus: Miranda Kerr seems to own the exact same?! Fun fact (not really funny, but I thought I would include it anyway: I saw pictures of her wearing that dress on Instagram and went like wooow, looks like the perfect dress for hot summer days; then the next day me and my mum went to town and guess what I found?! The Miranda dress on sale for 50% off!!! I mean what a deeal ?!)

Foto am 04.07.15 um 14.06 #4

Foto am 04.07.15 um 14.08 #4

Oh, you know, just being easy breezy like Miranda Kerr in ma fave dress.Duh.

Foto am 04.07.15 um 14.10

Foto am 04.07.15 um 14.12 #2

Outfit details:

Dress: H&M

Shoes: H&M (do you spy a preference here?)

Hat: Find at market in Morocco

Sunglasses: Forever 21 I believe?

Foto am 04.07.15 um 14.08 #2

Gonna end this post with this glorious image of myself, I can´t remember what made me so happy in that moment (probably I was just thinking of food..)

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it very very much.

x Mila


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