Chit-Chat/What I have been up to recently

Hello everyone!

After my last two posts, which were rather centered around outfits and make-up,  I thought it was time for a post where I would just chat to you guys and tell you what I´ve been up to lately? Evidently, talking+chattering+looking at pictures from people´s lives are my favourite things to do, plus, I love reading those kind of posts myself, which is why I found it more than due to do one myself.


Alright, first things first: I graduated high school now about a month ago and thus had prom, to which I wore this dress. The only problem with it was the short train at the end of the dress, which made walking for an uncoordinated person like me even harder than usual.


Right in the beginning of june I went to Berlin for a couple of days to visit two of my closest friends. While there, I of course could not resist doing just a teeeny tiny bit of shopping, and purchased these summery platforms.




When in Berlin, my friend told me there was this super cool/fancy/trendy/hip bar we need to go to. Mentioned bar is called Monkey Bar and as it turned out, the best bar I´ve ever been to. It´s a rooftop place located directly above the Berlin zoo, to be exact right above the monkey enclosure (which is also why it´s called Monkey bar because you can look right into the monkey enclosure from the top); the view is absolutely spectacular and the cocktails are pricey but they carry their own, homemade recipes which are definitely worth trying out.


When summer finally arrived this month (hello heath wave!), it was obviously time for this.



And, of course, a lot of that (aka tanning)



This month, my mum and I also got around visiting local cities, such as Amsterdam above;



where we couln´t resist visiting our favourite place to eat, Kantjil&Tiger


Also on the list were Delft (above) and Utrecht (beneath)




Lastly, I succeeded in making home-made, gluten-free pancakes this month. I used rice flour and they turned out reeeally good. As I already mentioned in a previous post, I suffer from migraine quite a lot, and after my doctor told me a while ago that I have a gluten sensibility, I have been trying to reduce the amount of gluten I eat.


This month, I´ve also seen the movie “The age of Adeline” starring Blake Lively (with whom I am obsessed with); even though the movie had a quite predictable ending, it was actually very good I think; additionally, Blake Livelys outfits in the movie were stunning, which was a total bonus in my opinion.

Also, I can not possibly sum up this post without my augmenting obsession with Kendall Jenner, or more with her style of clothing. I mean, come on, literally everything she has worn this year, from official outings at the film festival in Cannes, to her off-duty model style was just on point.


I really hope you guys enjoyed this post!! Also, thank you so much for all of the positive feedback on my last outfit post!!

x Mila


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