4 ways to help you achieve that summer body

Hello everyone!

Even though some of us (cough cough..me?) have already suppressed it, summer has finally arrived, which, to be frank with you, simply equals not being able to hide flabby and so not-toned parts of our body. I´m sure even the laziest of you have by now started to think of ways to get fit, get toned, get a good body in general.

Even though I myself aim to stay fit all year round, and thus force myself to workout during the entire year, the mere thought of wearing daisy dukes and short, flowy dresses this time of the year generally causes me to break out in tiny droplets of sweat. Yes. And because I thoroughly hope I´m not the only one who feels this way, and cause well, sharing is caring, I decided to share 4 ways with you that always help me to push myself a bit more right in time to help me achieve the summer body of my dearest dreams (just kidding, but these tricks really help.)

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist/food expert/athlete in any way, those are just tips that have worked out for me personally.

1.) Change your mentality:

This may sound a bit extreme and over the top, but once you start to alter the way you think about certain foods, you will one hundred percent start eating healthier. What I mean by that is to for example stop regarding ice cream or frappucinos as an integrated part of your summer, but to really ask yourself -do I need this frappuccino right now? If I´m just thirsty I could have a water, or an iced tea as well-. I think by re-asking yourself once again if you really want to consume food xy or whatever you´re up to consuming, you automatically become more aware of what you´re putting in your body.

2.) Stay away from it:

It´s as simple as that: If you aim at quitting eating pizza and ice cream, simply stop purchasing it. If you want to cut down on the amount of Starbucks you drink, try to bypass any local Starbucks that might hinder you from realizing that plan. I think that just by not having any junk food around your house, you will become less tempted to eat those, because let´s face it, once you will have that package of cookies in your drawer, somebody will have to eat it. Duh.

3.) Learn to substitute cleverly:

Chocolate Avocado Chia Pudding | 31 Healthy And Delicious Ways To Cook With Chia Seeds

This pudding is made from Chia seeds and cocoa powder just btw, credits go to Pinterest.

This one is the measure, or let´s call it the idea that is, in my opinion, the most important one. I personally hate depriving myself from eating certain foods; when I want a pizza, I will have a pizza. However, eating a pizza does not have to mean that it has to be junk food. I personally make my own pizzas with gluten-free flour, and top it off with veggies (on top of all the cheese). I think the point is to turn food that would usually be unhealthy and count as junk food, into healthful and nutritious variations. Speaking of the habit of eating ice cream in the summertime, I for example love to make my own frozen yoghurt, by simply putting different kinds of yoghurt in the freezer (you can also add almonds or honey if you like) and then topping them off with fruits, smarties,etc….

kr: Avocado toast is literally about 50% of my diet. --Avocado Toast | 17 Power Snacks For Studying #buzzfeedfood

4.) Start with small steps:

And lastly: Set yourself realistic goals. When you´re working full-time and have a jam-packed schedule, wanting to have a body like Gisele in three weeks is probably an unrealistic goal to set for yourself. Try to be reasonable, rational and realistic about your achievements and your intended plans. Setting yourself smaller goals and then actually fulfilling these will make you much more satisfied and motivated rather than setting yourself huge goals and then failing. I personally like to set myself food or workout-related goals for two weeks at a time, and then moving on to the “next” goal.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any tips and tricks that keep you motivated to work out and eat healthier?




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