Favourite scents

Hello everyone!

You must know, scents and fragrances in general are a tough topic for me. I´m super prone to migraine, and this being said, literally any strong scent can trigger yet another migraine attack. During the past years, I´ve however learnt to deal with that, let´s call it specialty, pretty well, which means nothing more than that I am extremely picky when it comes to scents. Nonetheless, I have managed to find a nice arrangement of fragrances that I thoroughly enjoy wearing, even if it´s not as often as other/normal people do. For me personally, I tend to only wear fragrances when “there´s something special”, so when I´m heading out for dinner or meeting friends in town etc. Enough ramble, I hope you enjoy my perfume favourites as much as I do!




Miss Dior Cherie- Probably the teenage girl scent out there besides Marc Jacobs Daisy. I used to wear it a lot when I was a bit younger, even today however I like to reach for it when I´m looking for a casual scent. It smells flowery and is a bit heavy in my opinion.

Chanel No5- A couple of years ago, when my obsession with Chanel began, I was aching to get my hands on anything Chanel. As a Chanel bag was naturally out of sight for a teenage girl like me, my mum agreed to buy me this fragrance, which I was so happy to receive but only wore sporadically in the past. Now I wear it quite a lot, only in the evenings however, when I want to feel kinda fancy.

Armani code, luna- This is a special edition of the regular Armani code scent I believe. It smells very similar to the original one, does have a slightly different packaging though. Has to be my favourite scent out of all here, I mean seriously it smells godly.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million- Ah, that classy packaging though. The fragrance in it however is a kind of musky and feminine (wow, what a way to describe a scent though, I know.) scent. Very glamorous, very gossip girl-like.

On a side-note: Two recent obsessions of mine, which I foolishly forgot to fit in the picture are YSL manifesto, as well as Angel by Thierry Mugler. Go. and. get. them. NOW.


xx Mila


2 thoughts on “Favourite scents

  1. Hello Mila,

    Love your blog. We would love to send you some sample of our perfumes, Parfums DelRae.
    Please let me know if you are interested. We are small niche brand, very beautiful scents made in France and inspired by Paris and San Francisco… among other things.


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