Which one is better- Concealer

Hello everyone!

Asides from mascara, the makeup product I can not go without in my daily makeup routine is concealer. That said, I´ve tried and tested countless options, whether it´s from the drugstore or high end. When you, like me, have super fair and sensitive skin in combination with light hair, you will know the well, slighty unpleasant problem of having under-eye circles no matter what the situation is and thus being in the discord of obviously wanting to cover them up properly while not being keen on caking them up with heavy concealers.

Today I´m going to show you two products I was really (mostly due to the ample price tag) trying to love; nonetheless, after having used both of them for some time now, I can say that only one of the two is recommendable.

That said, on to a new battle of the products– this time, it´s up for concealer!


First things first: The two products we´re gonna be discussing are the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat versus the Clarins Instant Light Brush-on perfector.



To the YSL Touche Eclat: After having heard rave after rave about this concealer, some even proclaiming it the “best concealer in the world”, I caved, gave in and purchased it. It has to be said that it does have a very natural colour and does therefore not look cakey at all, which is a big plus. For me personally however, it simply does not give enough coverage. I know that this is a product with highlighting purposes, but I do think that if this is marketed as a concealer, it should be able to cover up at least light under-eye circles. I do not want to bash YSL as a brand in any way, in fact, they are the brand that in my opinion brings out the coolest, most trendy, striking and fashionable stuff, whether it´s makeup- wise or concerning their clothing line, but this product did simply not get it´s job done for me.

To the Clarins Perfector: I purchased this maybe two months ago in a local drugstore, in hope of having found the perfect concealer. After having used it pretty persistently for this time now, I can truly give you a big thumps-up from me for this concealer.



To be honest, I was unsure whether to buy this product or not in the beginning, as I still had the picture of Clarins in mind as being the brand my mum always used to use when I was younger. I don´t know why, but even in spite of the huge hype around their new lipstains I still had this outdated image of Clarins in my head. Now I can tell you, that even though this is not the best concealer I´ve ever used, I do think it is a great concealer that I am constantly finding myself recommending to everyone around me. It´s, like the YSL touche eclat, very lightweight, with the big difference that it does provide a fair amount of coverage. This makes it my go-to concealer when I´m in a rush, don´t have time for literally anything, but still want to look put together.

Price tag- wise, the Clarins perfector is slightly cheaper than the YSL touche eclat; nevertheless, I can´t say that it is my favourite concealer ever ( this spot belongs to my trusted Maybelline Fit me), however, it is a product I would give a try if you´re looking for a more affordable, and more covering option to the touche eclat.

I hope you guys enjoyed today´s post,

xx Mila


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