Summery lips




Hello everyone!

In today´s post I´m going to be concerned with one of my favourite things, which are lipsticks, lipbalms, lipglosses…basically everything to do with lipcolour. That said, I´ve created a short round-up of the top 4 lip products I use in the summertime. Quick sidenote: You can clearly see I´m a totally predictable person of habbit when looking at the colours.. they´re all not shades of pink by accident.



On the picture from left to right:

Astor Lip Butter in Hug me (Or at least that’s what I believe.. am so sorry, but the label completely rubbed off)- this product really does what it promises. It´s super soft and has just about the right amount of pigmentation for me.

Dior Lip Glow– If you are to buy any of the lip products shown here, buy. this. one. I dont´know what´s in that lipglow but it will somehow match to your own lipcolour once you apply it, and create a shade that´s the colour of your own lips but much more intense, vibrant and shiny. I love this so so much,and have actually run out of it (which is also why I can´t show you any swatch of it-  it´s literally scratched down to the bottom.)

p2 lipstick in Corso Como– A very pigmented dark, burgundy red. Initially, I only bought it because I wanted to try out the entire dark lips-  matte skin- intense liner plus black lashes-  look , but I have been actually very impressed with this one so far. It glides on very smoothly (sorry) and the colour payoff is pretty impressive. Big like.

Burts Bees Lipbutter in Pink Blossom- Probably my favourite tinted lipbalm of all time (And trust me, I´ve tried out a lot of tinted lipbalms). I got it from my mum´s friend a looong time ago, but keep reaching for it over and over and over again. Bonus: it smells so nice you wanna lick your lips all the time. Yummmmmy.



Shown from top to bottom:

Astor lip butter,

p2 lipstick,

Burts Bees lipbalm

– No swatch of the Dior Lip Glow as it´s empty. Sorry.

So, that´t it for this blogpost. What are your favourite lip products for the summertime?

Thanks so much for reading,

xx Mila


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