Summer series- part 2: dream summer destinations

Heeello everyone!

So, after having talked about affordable staycation destinations in the last post of my summer series, in this post I am going to be concerned with all the places I would like to visit one day. Mum always says (in a condescending tone) that I have a wide (probably too wide) fantasy. That said, let´s daydream some more, and fantasize about dream destinations I would like to jump right to through the screen of my laptop.. Realistic dreams have always been a thing for me obviously, so let´s get started.

1. Australia

I am not quite sure when exactly my obsession with everything Australia started, but let me tell you, it has gotten pretty extreme. But who can blame me? Just looking at the beautiful, effortlessly stylish and envyingly tanned girls, surreally white beaches and vibrant cities makes me cringe with jealousy. In particular, I am dreaming about Queensland, Brisbane to be precise, and since viewing Rosie Londoners recent posts about Queensland my wish to go to Australia has reaches yet new peaks. Thanks a lot. Really.


2. India

Alright guys, moving on to my next dream destination, I would absolutely love to go to India one day. Being blonde and getting quite anxious in crowded places however, I think it would be best to wait a bit until I´m going to find a group of friends I could travel there to together. In my opinion, India is such a fascinating country; not only speaking of all the beautiful sights to see there, but also due to it´s incredible (and very saddening in some aspects) versatility and diversity. Things I would love to do in India are visiting Mumbai as well as Amritsar, where a breathtaking golden castle is located. In case I´m gonna find someone crazy enough, participating in the so-called rickshaw run would also be a very welcome option.

3. Maldives

You know, my ultimate plan that I have in my head is to first visit India and then fly down to the Maldives. I think it´s pretty obvious why I have been lusting after the Maldives for years now, just look at the pictures below and dream on.

4. Mykonos, Greece

A destination located a tiiiiny bit closer to where I live is Mykonos. Ever since Mykonos experienced a boost in popularity a couple of years ago (was it the Kardashians visit there?), I have been dreaming about the incredibly white sand beaches and the picturesque white houses against a blue backdrop. Aaaah.

Obviously, there’s so many more places I would like to go to (think Rome, Hawaii, New York once again and Dubai), but the ones above are the ones I have been kind of dying to visit.

Alright, that plethora of pictures than sums up my post pretty well I think.

What are your dream destinations?

Thanks so much for reading,

xx Mila


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