New in: Seafolly Australia bikini

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share a new purchase with you that I recently made and that makes me suuuper happy. 🙂

I still had a gift card for a local department store left from my birthday, and after having struggled (like, really struggled) for months now, not knowing what to buy (didn´t want to spend the money on even more makeup, clothes were to expensive,… first world problems, you know) I decided to purchase a bikini. In fact, I have been eying up swimwear from Seafolly Australia for some time now, but on behalf of their pretty ample prices I had always refrained from buying anything from them. A couple of days ago however the happy end finally arrived for me: Seafolly was on sale, I tried on a bikini which was 30% off, felt like Gigi Hadid in their campaign straight away (After having only worn bikinis from H&M up until now, I seriously didn´t know a bikini could fit that well? I feel like it seriously makes me look better.. somehow) and fell in love. Happy me. The end.

Below are some pictures of the masterpiece.









I really hope you liked this post, thanks so much for reading.

xx Mila


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