What to do in Berlin: Babel Prenzlauer Berg

Hello everyone,

Today I´m back with the first post of a new series I´m starting on my blog, where I´m going to show you what to do im different cities and places I know.

The start will make a new place to eat that I discovered just recently when visiting a friend in Berlin. Mentioned friend had an exam to take in Prenzlauer Berg, which is a very trendy and what you would call “hipster” kind of district in Berlin. I would compare Prenzlauer Berg a bit to Camden in London, yet Prenzlauer Berg gives off it´s own, very individual vibe which is bursting with energy and is supremely cool, laid-back and relaxed at the same time.




We were looking for a nice, not to expensive (duh)  place to eat lunch in, and opted for Babel, a small and local Lebanese restaurant in the end.

At Babel, you sit at simple wooden tables on wooden benches. The place is self-service, which means that you don´t have to wait long for your food to come (we waited about 10 mins max.)- Plus, the food is freshly made directly in front of your eyes in all of its glory.






The place is located right on of the central streets in Prenzlauer Berg, Kastanienalle. The place is very lively and you watch all kinds of people come and go as you indulge your meal.

Me and my friend both opted for schawarma, which is a meal-based Lebanese dish. To our surprise, the food came on a huge plate served with tons of deliiiiicious side dishes, such as humus or lentil salad (great deal tbh).




After having stuffed our tummies like classy ladies do, we strolled through Prenzlauer Berg for a while before heading to Kudamm ( Berlins main shopping street- definitely go there if in Berlin!) for a bit of shopping.

Some more pictures from Prenzlauer Berg


Berlin swag, yo.


Berlin, you are so preeeety <3.

Hope you all had a great week! Have you ever been to Berlin?

Thank you so much for reading,



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