Summer series: Part 1- summer on a budget

Sippin’ gin and juice Laying underneath the palm trees..- Yep, Katy, you´re right, that sounds really awesome, wouldn´t mind any of that together tbh. Only problem: What if there´s no palm trees to lie underneath? If it´s not hot enough to cool yourself down with some fancy juice ? If you have to stay on a staycation at home?

Well then, no need to despair my friends, you´re certainly not alone. Don´t get me wrong, I will be going on vacation both with my mum and then with my friend this summer, but until that happens, I have, well, approximately one and a half months of time to kill? No biggie.

That said,  today I´m gonna show you my bucket list of things to do on a stay-at-home-vacation, that will (hopefully) help you too to make the most of your staycation.

1. First things first: I am one hundred percent aware of the fact that I spend way to much time on my phone. Waay to much. Sometimes, when I´m with my friends, shock will randomly hit me that instead of talking to one another and doing what pretty much friends should do, we´re stuck looking at our phones. That´s why this summer, I really want to “log out” of the world-wide web to a certain extent. Instead of spending time outside going through my Facebook feed and checking my messages, I want to read a book for example (that said, I generally need to read more books..)  or simply appreciate the surroundings around me (I´m starting to sound like my grandma, I know.) Quick note aside: Not quite sure how this will work out ultimately, but I hope for the best, fingers crossed.

2. Another more general point is to explore more of the city/country I live in. Having only a couple of months left before moving to London after graduating high school, I just recently realized that I have yet to see so! many! things! in the country I live in before moving away. Landmarks, museums, cute caffees and so much more have to be gaped at and witnessed this summer. Let´s just hope that the weather will be on my site and allow for long walks to check all impending points off my bucket list.

IMG_9827  Lights of Ljouwert - Leeuwarden, The Netherlands by Bas Meelker, via Flickr IMG_9829IMG_9838 List of many cool museums in Amsterdam, including The Amsterdam Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House, The Van Gogh Museum, and The Biblical Museum. Picturesque #Netherlands #windmill

3. Now comes the point that I, being the slightly greedy and food- obsessed, am the most exited about: Picknicks in local parks. This ties together closely with the previous point of discovering more of my neighborhood, but comes with the bonus of food on top. Kills two birds with one stone, how amazing is that? That said, I can´t wait to collect some of my friends and do picknicks with homemade sandwiches, fruits and of course the juices Katy mentioned above outside in local parks or my garden.

IMG_9836 Pink Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie Pfannkuchen-Wrap - Herzhafte Picknick Rezepte - 16 - [ESSEN & TRINKEN]

4. I don´t live in California or in the UK, that´s why neither Coachella nor Glastonbury will be experienced by me this summer. Nonetheless, a big point on my summer bucket list is to visit as many concerts and open-air events as possible. I mean, what better way to spend warm summer nights dancing along to your favorite music? See, nothing, nada, zero. Needless to say my festival experiences won´t be as fancy as Coachella (Can we just talk about how amazing this years line up was for a second? Drake and Florence performing at the same festival? I literally died.) I personally will be going to a concert with a friend of mine next week, and have already started to look for open-air festivals when I will be travelling Europe with another friend in a couple of months. Another thing I am dying to do is participate in an open-air cinema somewhere near me. Aaaaah, so many things to do and so little time. Sad, sad me.

Join us every sunday for BuskTheBox / AccousticAfternoon @BOXPARK Only one month in India and I can relate to almost every point... good description of life in India :-) Coachella 2014 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Having rambled enough now, I want to know about you: What are your plans for the summer? Do you have any particular tips for making the most of out your staycation or regular vacation? Share below?

Thanks so much for reading,

xx Mila


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