Current makeup favourites/ summer makeup routine

Hello everyone!

Today let´s talk about the horrendous challenge that applying makeup in the summertime is.

I´m sure you all know that discord of wanting to look acceptable and put together and yet getting shivers at the mere thought of slapping heavy foundations onto your face when temperatures start rising. Yep, we´ve all been there. Trust me.

So without wanting to get ahead of myself, I can say that I have quite mastered the art of applying makeup that will actually stay put without melting off your face.

 Below, you can find my summer favourites aka makeup that I trust in the summertime.

IMG_0460_2 IMG_0463

1. Nars blush in Orgasm: In the summertime, more than ever, I like to stick to the mantra “less is more”. This being said, I don´t use any bronzer (as I tend to get pretty tan in the summer anyway) and move straight on to this blush, which I lightly sweep over my cheeks. I was not able to wear it in the wintertime as it is quite shimmery, however I have been wearing it non-stop in the summer now!


 Close up of the Nars blush in Orgasm

 2. Lancome doll eyes mascara and Dior iconic overcurl mascara: Mascara is probably the part of my makeup routine that I spend the most time on, whether it´s hot outside or not. I have been using this combo- the Lancome doll eyes mascara and the Dior iconic overcurl- for months now. Especially the Dior mascara is an absolute favourite of mine; with it´s curled wand it completely holds the curl and gives the perfect amount of volume. Big love.


Close up of the Dior iconic overcurl

 3. Clarins highlighting pen: As the name cleverly suggests, it highlights underneath the eyes and covers any dark circles. Not the     very best highlighting pen/concealer I´ve ever had, but a cheaper and more long-lasting version oft he ysl touche eclat. Plus, it looks super natural once applied.

 4. Dior lip maximiser and essence lip pencil : I apply the lip pencil all over my lips and then just dot the dior lipgloss right in the centre of my lips for a veeery sheen highlight. Worn together, they both give a light rose tint to your lips, which manages to look super natural.

5. Essie nailpolish in spaghetti strap: Lastly, my favourite nail polish, truly the perfect match for a babypink nail polish obsessed person like me. I´ve worn it ever since I got it a couple of weeks ago and think it looks absolutely amazing with slightly tanned skin.


So, here are my makeup favourites for the summertime. What are yours guys?


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